Using While Charging --That’s What Makes A Perfect Low Temperature 3D Pen
Time: May 15, 2023

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a child in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a 3D pen. And for kids of younger age, a low temperature 3D pen can leave them(mostly their parents) with no worry about being scalded. Based on this, manufacturers launched various  of low temp pens, but not every of them can render a perfect user experience.


Unlike standard 3D pens, low temp pens allow a built-in battery, which makes it possible to use them wirelessly. While enjoying this convenience, users soon find it irritating that a fully-charged pen can only last for 0.5-1 hour of continual use and need to be charged at least 1 hour until they can use it again. The creative journey has to be suspended because the 3D pen you bought can’t be used while charging.


For JER, however, this situation is not so much of a problem now, since we have upgraded our low temperature 3D pens and every model can be available to use when it’s charging, a feature that is still missing from 3D pens under other brands. With a JER 3D pen in hand, you can draw 3D arts as long as you want, free of the concern of low battery.


Using while charging has been a rising trend for all electronic products, such as smartphones and portable projectors, now JER worked to be the first one to join this current in 3D pen industry as an effort to ensure every kid with uninterrupted 3D pen adventure.




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