Interesting 3D pens earn full attention
Time: Apr 21, 2023

The first Hong Kong International InnoEX, the Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair and the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair were held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for four consecutive days (April 12-15), jointly organized by the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.


At the booth of Guangzhou JIE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, the reporter saw many exhibitors experiencing the magic of 3D pen here. The staff showed the usage of the 3D pen and drew a simple three-dimensional house with the 3D pen on site, in addition she also showed the reporter a beautiful flower basket made with the 3D pen. In addition to the 3D pen on display, point news reporters in the booth also experienced the "tattoo printer," a small machine gently sliding in the arm, the reporter's arm that appeared on a red butterfly pattern.


In the point news reporter experience products, an exhibitor from Romania came to consult the product information, the perfect combination of fun and technology products, in the scene attracted the attention of many exhibitors. At the same time, the reporter also noticed that some staff members were showing samples of the product and demonstrating how to use it to overseas customers. The general manager of the company, Hu Junhua, told the reporter that the results of the exhibition were beyond his expectation, as he had harvested some very direct order intentions at the exhibition. At the same time, he also mentioned that this exhibition had better results than some regular exhibitions before the epidemic.


In this exhibition of electronic products, the display of electronic exhibits subdivided into a wide range of categories, and many both aesthetic and interesting, or add a lot of points of interest for the exhibition.


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