about JER

Our company was founded in 2010, started from education equipment, including language laboratory,multi-media classroom, physics and chemical laboratory equipments etc.

From 2012, JER started to research and produce 3D printer and 3D scanner, in 2013 started 3D printing pen project, which is the first manufactory of 3D printing pen in China, 2020 JER started 3D filament factory. Now,JER has developed the full range of 3D printing products,and has got rich experience in this field. Espcially for 3D printing pen,JER technology leads the trend of the field,such as the the first slim size pen, the first power bank supported pen, the first chocolate pen,all come from JER.

Now JER is the NO.1 3D printing pen supplier in China.





Over the years, our growth and expansion of capabilities have always been about providing you, our customer, with the best 3D printing pen in the industry. That continued evolution will never stop, and it's what helps shape our vision and mission as the best 3D Pen supplier & manufacturer in China.

                         Our Vision

Our Mission

                        Spark ideas, inspire creativity.

                                 Let everyone be an artist!

Our mission is to provide kids and creatives arond the world with high-quality 3D pen products that allows them draw their wildest fantasy into reality

China Best 3d printing pen factory manufacturer



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