Language learning Laboratory for E-learning class HL--2140

Analog Language Laboratory for E-learning class, School, College, University and Institute.

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Product Detail
Product Description

1. device description


Teacher part




Main software interface

1)Main console HL-2280C

   Seat quantity max to 120 seats,with computer and mobile keyboard connection jack,which is available to realize dual control to system,available to choose one audio channel to output.The whole system works under the control of the main console.

Remark:HL-4000 is not built-in amplifier,that means if need to connect to external speaker,the speaker should have amplifier.HL-4000C is built-in amplifier,which is no request additional amplifier for speaker.


2) System Power supplier HL-2280P

Output voltage:+12V,current:22A/40A,

Output power:400W

Power supply AA type.



3)Micro-computer mobile keyboard HL-2280

Available to take place of the teacher computer to control the system,also available to work together with the teacher computer to realize dual control to the system,so that the system still can work when teacher computer meet some problem(max seats is 150)

4)Teacher main recorder, USB type HL2280R

    Film button,speed adjustment,gap play,mutual recording between two main recorder,all functions of normal recorder.Self-detection on malfunction.



5)Teacher desk

    High density anti-fire material ,including one main desk and one side counter .dimension1800MM*800MM

 Language learning Laboratory for E-learning class (HL-2140)



6)Student/Teacher headset: TXD1

    Magnetic shield,stereo headset              

  Language learning Laboratory for E-learning class (HL-2140)                  



7)Student machine (AA type), Economic model: HL-2280S                                 

Two channel program for option.

Rob to answer, big LCD display, with several test function.

4 level of volume.            

Language learning Laboratory for E-learning class (HL-2140)  


8) Student desk

   Wood structure,High density anti-fire material,dimension:1250MM*480MM


  Language learning Laboratory for E-learning class (HL-2140)                    


3.2 Function introduction


1,main function of system

* Available to adjust the seat quantity on main software according to actuality,range from 1 to 192 seats

* Adopt to AA.AAC full compatible technology,which is easy to upgrade for school

* Dual control by teacher computer and mobile keyboard

* Adjustable play speed

* SP gap function

* SP,SPS,SSP,SPSPS play function

* Long time live recording

* 3 audio channel for switch

* 8 audio channel input

* Automatically repeat function

* Mutual recording between two main recorders

* monitor recording function

* Standard examination function

* Audition test function

* System self-detection

*   Roll call function


1).Voice teaching part

Dual teaching:Dual control by computer and mobile keyboard.If computer work too long time or too frequent,control by mobile keyboard separately.

Small group meeting:system divide the the class into 2 students one group or several groups.inside the group,the students can talk with each other,and no interfere among groups

Big group meeting:system divide the the class into several big groups.inside the group,the students can talk with each other,and no interfere among groups

Student demonstration:teacher can appoint one or several student to demonstrate to all class.

Seat edition:teacher can edit the seat number to student real name.

ALL CALL:Teacher can have class to all students

Listen to program:teacher can authorize student to choose one program by themselves

      Chime In:Teacher can explain to one program,and student can hear the explanation and program at the same time.

Speaker:available to output the sound to external speakers

Monitor recording:teacher can record the program that student listen during self-study.

Monitor:Teacher can monitor one student,also can set cycle time to monitor all students.

   TalkTeacher can talk with students,also can appoint two or more students to talk with each other

   Locked program:Teacher can force student to listen one program.

Set time:Teacher can set class time and examination time

2).Multi-media part

* Connected external speakers

 * Available to control 3 A&V input channel,choose one output channel

* Available to control one VGA signal to output to projector or other output device

3).Examination and analysis function

 The system has powerful examination function,available to have random test,A,B paper test,and evaluate the result.

2,micro-computer mobile keyboard(including computer control function)

* light-touch button

* Teaching function control

* group discussion control

* monitor textbook

* examination function

* 5inches LCD ,high resolution dynamic display

* Cycle monitor students

* Rob answer function

* All control,group control,single control function

* group teaching

* Demonstration

* Several audio channels for switch

* VGA control function

* Free talk control

* System reset function

* Forced function

* Monitor any student

3,Main recorder function:

Explanation function:Teacher can explain to the program playing in the main recorder,so that the student can understand it more intensively.

Sp intermission and follow function:Break for some time after one section automatically,then continue,so that the student can think it over or follow it during intermission.

Use high-end imported logic loader,available for manual and computer control

Normal recorder function(play,record,stop,FFW,FRV,pause)

Bookmark function

Cycle play function

Several level volume

Dual channel

Mutual recording


4,Student machine function:HL-2280


l       “R,L,R+L”: choose right and left channel.

l       “VOL+,VOL—”:volume adjustment.

l       “PROG1,PROG2”:choose A. B signal channel

l       “A,B,C,D,E”button: choose answer under testing,“UP , DOWN”button for page up and down(student terminal should be with monitor)

l       “CALL”:for calling and rob to answer

l         Seat coding: short-circuit flake is required(details found in installation instruction)  


Language learning Laboratory for E-learning class (HL-2140)Language learning Laboratory for E-learning class (HL-2140)

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