What Is A 3D Pen
Time: Dec 22, 2021

What Is A 3D printing pen?

You might have heard about 3D printer but been completely new to its less complicated and more affordable form: 3D pen operates similarly to a handheld 3D printer, but instead of being controlled by computer software, the user manually guides the pen to draw objects in space.


Here's how a typical 3d printing pen works:

Heating Mechanism: The pen contains a heating element that melts plastic filament inserted into the pen.

Extrusion Nozzle: The melted plastic is extruded through a nozzle at the tip of the pen. The user controls the flow of plastic by pressing a button or adjusting a dial on the pen.

Drawing: As the melted plastic exits the nozzle, the user can draw lines, shapes, and structures in three dimensions. By moving the pen in different directions and controlling the flow of plastic, intricate designs can be created.

Cooling and Solidification: Once the plastic leaves the nozzle, it quickly cools and solidifies, allowing the user to build up layers and create complex structures.


3d printing pens are often used for artistic purposes, crafting prototypes, repairing plastic objects, or adding details to existing 3D prints. They offer a more intuitive and freeform way to create three-dimensional objects compared to traditional 3D printers, which typically require computer-aided design (CAD) software and precise layer-by-layer printing.

Various types of plastic filaments can be used with 3D pens, including ABS, PLA, and flexible materials. Additionally, some advanced 3D pens offer features such as adjustable temperature settings, different nozzle sizes, and compatibility with different types of filaments.


You may wondering what kind of people use 3D printing pen?

Generally, 3d printing pen is considered an educational toy for children and some brands has designed low temperature pen to better protect kids from burning. Besides this, 3d printing pen can be a perfect tool in the hand of DIY professionals, artists and even designers for fashion. What you can do with a 3d printing pen is far more than this, come and get one and draw your own fantasies.

Overall, 3d printing pens provide a fun and creative tool for makers of all ages to explore the world of three-dimensional art and design.


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