What Can You Make with A 3D Pen
Time: Jun 07, 2022

What Can You Make with A 3D Pen

Undoubtedly it sounds fancy to get a magical 3D pen on your own after having watched a cool video on Youtube. Soon after you copy a few multi-dimensional pieces, you drop the pen and put it on the shelf as the stunt and thrill expired. That’s all what a 3D pen capable of doing? Certainly not, there’s so much about 3D pens deserving exploring. Let’s find out what you can make with a 3D pen.

1. Design personalized objects

The opinion holding that 3D pens lack practicality is far away from the truth. Mobile phone shells, bracelets, clamps, toy cars, glasses frames, sandals, baskets keyboards and any things with physical existences can be made by a 3D pen, technically. What’s more, unlike the ready-made commodities in the supermarkets, you can personalize you own stuffs in the color and shape you prefer.

2. Create Arts

For artists, 3D pen is more like a machine that instantly bring their marvelous ideas into reality. Most of them post their videos making 3D arts on the social media and become influential, and some even make a living out of it. Some of the best 3D pen youtubers, such as SANAGO, has attracted millions of followers, and also, a good money from the platforms and commercials. Now 3D pen artists are keeping challenging themselves to make increasingly complex and exquisite 3D arts.

3. Educate kids & College students

3D pens has emerged as a regular educational tool in handwork classes in kindergartens and primary schools, especially in American and European countries. A pen that can draw things in the air sounds intriguing for kids to train their manual skills and 3D space imagination. To protect kids of young age from being scalded, we develop low temperature 3D pens that allow direct skin contact. For students from colleges of architecture or fine arts, 3D pen can be a perfect tool for them to design their works.

4. Fix things

3D pens use biodegradable plastic as filament, which has terrific toughness and flexibility and it can work as perfect filling material. A notch on the edge of the table, bumps on the wall, broken floor tile, all of these can be easily fixed by a 3D pen. There are lots of videos teaching how to repair stuffs with a 3D pen and they may give you some inspiration.

5. Relax & Play

Leave those functions behind, 3D pens are essentially toys whose top priority is to entertain people. What makes 3D pen so fascinating is that it has no limits, letting you draw whatever you want, create whatever you want. Just grab a 3D pen and visualize your fantasies.


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