New Arrival: 3D Pen Kits--- Walking Robot!
Time: Aug 15, 2022

3D printing is a way of the future and is being introduced into schools as a STEM educational tool. More and more companies are joining the 3D pen market, but soon they will find themselves facing a fierce competition with almost identical products. Is it possible to make something different? Of course!


New arrival: 3D Pen Kits

l3D pen + motor drive= Running Animals!  

l3D Pen +Clockwork drive=Walking Robot! 

l3D Pen+ Clockwork drive= Music Box!

 3d pen kits


What’s the difference compared with other 3d pens?


new 3d pen

The newly released 3d pen kits include a Clockwork drive or motor drive, which is the perfect complement to a 3D Pen. The motor drive can enable the 3d artwork to move. In that way, 3D Pen kits transfer your drawings into a walking Robot, a running animal, a music box, or anything you like!


How do they work?


  how to use 3d pen    

Simple as 1, 2, 3 !

Step 1: Use a 3D pen to draw on the stencil.

Step 2: Connect it

Step 3: Insert the Clockwork drive, finish.


Why should I choose 3D pen kits ?


For B2B business: 


lFor education or retailers, or e-commerce, the unique 3d pen kits can make your products stand out.

lCustomized content. It is an ideal tool for the 3D pen classroom, except that the 3D pen content can be customized for different series.

l STEM Education & Learning Tools. 3D Pen Kits are also wonderful tools for early education and have a potential to lead a new trend in DIY field.


For B2C business: 


lAll in one package.

All 3d pen kits come with a clockwork drive or motor drive, Not a 3d pen alone. A 3D Pen Kit includes everything you need: multiple stencils, sufficient filament and the key part--a motor or a clockwork spring;

lLearning and fun.

 It’s easy to use, with a little clockwork, some imaginative thinking, and planning, 3D pen kits can be used to create working models of a child’s inventions. With the help of a little clockwork, you can enjoy the creative process of making actual walking toys rather than simply decorative objects.

lHigh cost performance.

One additional kit can enrich your 3D pen adventure without costing much, just come and get the latest quote and ready to be surprised.

In short, 3D pen kits can be a versatile addition to many different subjects. We provide hands-on learning components in 3D pen kits, while kids can use their imagination and creative thinking to explore a whole new 3D pen experience.



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