High Temperature 3D Pen VS Low Temperature 3D Pen
Time: May 25, 2022

JER’s mission is to provide kids and creatives around the world with high-quality 3D pen products that allow them draw their wildest fantasies into reality. In addition to standard 3D pens with high operating temperature, we have developed low temperature pens which are much safer for kids so that people of all age groups can enjoy the fun of 3D pens.

RP800a 3d pen

High temperature 3D pens, also regarded as standard 3D pen, use PLA/ABS as filament, whose printing temperature ranges between 180-230℃. The nozzle of the pen can easily get heated up to over 70℃ and you better stay away with it during usage. Due to the risk of being scalded, we strongly suggested that users of 3D pens should be above eight years of age. On top of that, standard 3D pens are not equipped with built-in batteries and need to be connected to power sources. Despite all of these, high temperature 3D pens are still our users’ first choice as PLA and ABS have excellent toughness and hardness, making it possible to draw in the mid-air and create complex 3D arts.

LP02 3d printing pen


As for low temperature 3D pens, they use PCL as filament and the printing temperature can reach as low as 80-100℃, and even lower in the nozzle: around 40℃, so kids under 8 years old can also use 3D pens without concerns. Besides, all of our low temperature 3D printing pens have a built-in battery that can last for one hour’s continual work after full charging. The filament PCL is softer than PLA/ABS and kids can draw pieces on stencils then put them together. Low-temperature 3D printing pen can be a perfect educational toy to improve children's hands-on ability and stimulate their creativity.


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