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Why you need a Language Lab for your language learning?

Do you know the reason that why is English so important in our lives? Here's why.

• English is the most widely spoken language in the world. 900 million people use English to communicate.
• English is used in government and as a medium of communication among people who do not have another language in common.
• English is the most commonly taught foreign language.
• Online communities like Facebook, Twitter, My Space, YouTube, etc., offer people a way to make friends around the world use English.
• English is the main language of news and information in the world.
• English is the language used in business and government even in countries where it is not the main language.
• 50% of all books written are in English.
• 75% of all telex messages and telegrams are sent in English.
• 80% of emails are written in English
• 90% of computer data is processed and stored in English.
• Half of the world's movies are in English
• Most satellite transmissions are carried in English.
• Five thousand newspapers, over half of the newspapers published in the world, are published in English.
• English is the main language of international business, diplomacy, and science.
• It is usually the language of international conferences, and international athletics.
• English is the language of maritime communication and international air traffic control.
• Most commodities such as silver, gold, and hard currency are traded in English.

So, why you are waiting, apply now and learn english better with language lab
Learning Systems.It is created keeping in mind the thought process of a learner and thus is presented in a very interactive manner,you will find that you can also learn a language well easily.

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