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An Article About The Function Of The Language Lab

Want to know something about the Language Lab? Or you are going to buy a Language Laboratory System and need to get some information about it. Now it is time to read this article and get what you want.

First of all,you should know that the Language Lab is essential for teaching Foreign Languages in Modern Teaching Methods. The system helps to teach any langauge very easily and it will give you lots of benefits buy following ways:

1). Professor can communicate simultaneously, with all the students or indivisual student.

2). Indivisual student can discuss with the professor through a call request switch. Call will be registered in the professor's main console.

3). Professor can transmit his views to an individual student or to all the students.

4). Professor can monitor or listen to any student indivisually.

5). Prerecorded Cassette can be broadcasted to an indivisual student or to all.

6). Professor can record his/her voice or pronunciation.

8). For more convenience can be wireless system can be attached to the system, so that the Professor can move freely while teaching.

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