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Some Questions About Headsets And Headphones

Q1. Can anyone recommend a brand of headset they love. This is for the students to record a foreign language into their computers in the language lab.

■There are many wonderful products in our company.All of them are very durable and high quality. For example,the Headphone HL-898.After three years of use of a 25 seat lab, it can still work for you.

Q. If I want to get a new headphone,what should I know? On the other hand,I want headphones for my computer lab. What do you recommend?

NO1:Check out Califone headphones I think they are the best around!

NO2:Find headphones with curly cords (such as telephones used to have) instead of the thin, straight cords. With the latter, the wires tend to break. With the former, I have had headphones last 2.5 years with primary students who regularly do things such as walk away from their computers with headphones still on their head. Also look to see that there is some type of reinforcement where the cables join the headphone, since this is a common place for the cable to break.

NO3:We have been pleased to show you some wonderful Backphone model from . Now many famous college ues our headphones for their students.

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