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The Latest Version of Language Lab Made By Sony Virtuoso

During these days,Sony Virtuoso has released the latest Version 12.2 digital language lab software, featuring their new “E” design for the language instructor’s interface. 

The new design incorporates a “modern” aesthetic, with a soft color palette, and easy to view buttons that are configurable to 4x3 or 16x9 screen resolutions.  It has retained its “simple-to-use”, intuitive functionality that has been an integral component of the “Classic or C” design that the Sony Virtuoso software has had since its inception, making it simple for language teachers to use the technology immediately to maximize class time and student productivity.

Added instructional enhancements have also been incorporated.  Among them is a new tool to monitor student progress by enabling a “thumbnail view” of student screens.   Language teachers can now globally view all student screens on the Virtuoso interface or optionally in a separate window.  The ability to zoom in on any student screen to get details provides a quick instructional transition to assist individual students on the fly.

According to Ron Remschel, SANS President, “We continue to always listen to the instructional needs of the language teaching community while keeping the core elements that have made the Sony Virtuoso language lab technology so successful.  Our new interface design and addition of more instructional features are part of our company philosophy to make a product that constantly evolves yet always makes sense in the context of best practices for language teaching and learning.”

As a useful tools,the language lab software will change our daily life every day.In my opinion,it not only just a tool,but also a wonderful bridge for all the people in the world.

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