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Some Tips About buying the Right Language Lab

If you're going to buy a language lab for your institution, but don't want to spend lots of money on it, then you must have lots of questins about it.Now spend some time reading this tips,you will get some useful information aobut it and help you make the right decision.

Tops1. Is the service provider a software company and if so, does it have a proprietarycertificate for the program?

Tops2. Is the language lab software indigenous or outsourced and what is the after-sales service and support-reach offered by the company?

Tops3. What is the company's profile? Is it a company catering exclusively to the needs of educational institutions or do they service a broader market spectrum and the language lab is just one among a plethora of offerings?

Tops4. What are the company credentials?

Tops5. What is the brand identity of the language lab and how is it benchmarked?

Tops6. How user-friendly is the lab?

Tops7. What is the extent and nature of learning material being provided?

Tops8. What is the number of installations and spread of customers within the country and overseas as well as their feedback?

Tops9. What is the certificate and licensing agreement policy of the company? How about product updates and service calls -- are they chargeable?

Tops10. Does the language lab provide value for money?

Just think something like these,I'm sure you will get the best things you want.

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