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Something about "the best language lab"

Do you hold the question that what is the best language lab available on the market today? For me,I will told you that it is simple, the best language lab will be the one that suits your needs and works best for you!

Yes,when you have to choose a  system like this,you must think lots of factors about it.Now there are many factors to consider but these systems generally fall into three main categories, digital hardware labs that don’t require a full PC suite;Hybrid laboratories ( mixture of hardware and software) that do require a full PC Suite and of course the most popular software only systems.

So I have to say that it really does depend upon what you want and how you want it to work. There are many suppliers who claim to see the best language laboratory, some will only sell software systems whilst others will have on line self-access systems and call them a language lab as it is “in vogue”. Each one will try to sell against what they perceive to be their competitors weakest product but this is just salesmen for you. Decide on a type of product which meets your needs and stick to it, everything is upgradeable.

On the other hand,there are other factors to take into account other than just the product itself, for example the approachability of the company involved and their helpfulness, after all this is a  major investment and there are bound to be further questions. Is the software modern in appearance and use the latest formats? What about deployment procedures? The IT staff are sure to want MSI deployment etc. all these things should be considered. Don’t rush!  Speak to the supplier as many times as is needed to make you feel comfortable.

If you also want to know “ what is the most popular language lab”? then that can be answered quite easily!!!!  You may have thought it would be the most expensive system on the market but it is not, but it is also not the cheapest. Simply look for a system that looks modern and is easy to use and has the back up from the supplier, then, for you, that will be the best language lab available today.

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