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Language lab make changes in your school

If you have uesd the wonderful language lab,I'm sure you will agree with me that it is really uesful for our teaching in the school.Among the most important characteristics of the new system is its ability to store large amounts of information, which, at the same time, is easily accessible to teachers and students. This information can be incorporated into the files of the lab through the Internet.

Another advantage of the language lab is that it allows great versatility in the exercises that are available to students, leading to a more individualized use of the equipment. The new technology adapts the sound level to the needs of each person. Along the same times, it is possible for students to choose, on an individual basis, which parts of the oral text they wish to forward or rewind, if necessary, sentence by sentence.

Another reason why I love it is its capability to adapt to the learning needs of each individual student, since it makes it possible for each person to practice activities of their choice outside of class and to develop their own individual learning strategies.

What's the most important, the lab makes it possible for instructors to evaluate students more objectively by exposing them all to the exact same stimulus, for example, in the case of the Oral Spanish Proficiency Exams and oral achievement tests. This type of evaluation provides instructors with yet another tool for determining their students level of achievement since it is possible to compare the progress of each individual student to that of the entire class.If you are also interested in it,just go the the now,we will offer you the best products and services.

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