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The language lab is helpful in your foreign-language class

I'm sure most of you will know that in an average foreign-language class, all students combined speak only 23.5% of the class time.But I have to say that in a 45-minute long class this approximates to 10 minutes for all the students combined. As this number is the speaking time of all students put together, the time each student gets to practice speaking is a fraction of this.

So the language lab is just what we need now,with a language lab, all students in the class can speak simultaneously without distracting each other regardless of the class size. Without a language lab, in a class of more than 10 students, each student gets less than one minute of speaking practice.

The activities in a language lab allow you to conduct speaking activities to the whole class at the same time – reduce the number of one to one sessions required.  Further to this, the amount of time speaking can be added to by allowing students to take work between home and the classroom seamlessly to prepare and learn in their own time as well as in class using the free Study LITE Recorder software. 

On the other hand,you can also conduct exams in the lab environment with high class audio and all web access and interference blocked – no need for separate audio playback systems for the main examination hall.  In addition all the student recordings can be collected, saved and sent to an examination board in seconds at the end of the exam in MP3 format.So I'm sure you can do better work with this useful system.

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