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A teacher's story about the language lab

Have you get some information about the language lab? Maybe some of you don't know too much about it,now let's read a story about it---When students of Tom put on their headsets in his Maryland high school’s language lab, their concentration heightens, he says.

The up-to-date digital equipment, says the teacher, keeps them engaged with teenage-friendly electronics, allows them to get more Spanish listening and speaking practice, and, most important, blocks out distractions.

“Particularly in classes that have a hard time paying attention, having those headphones on, and me being able to speak through that microphone directly into their ears with no outside noises, is a great focusing tool,” says Tom, who teaches at Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School in the 134,000-student Prince George’s County district.

The push to install technology-rich language labs is growing, so much so in some places that parent fundraising organizations are making it the focus of their efforts. Educators who use the labs say that they allow students to spend significantly more time doing language-practice exercises, such as hearing themselves speak. The labs also take away an age-old barrier students often face when trying to learn a language: embarrassment.

“Because students are often working individually, they're less afraid of making mistakes,” says Étienne Bouchard, the president of Robotel Inc., a Montreal-based company that makes language-lab technology. “They’re more willing to speak, and you practice and you get better.”

Then you must know what's a language now,it is not noly a tool for us but also a real language helper for you!

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