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Wireless language lab

    With the technology development and comprehensive quality requirements for the talents, the language learning system has been used in wide applications. In the past twenty year, the language learning system developed through the traditional discrete component simulation type, integrated circuit simulation type, Digital language lab to network language lab, the technology development promote the language lab development, the increasing functions make the system been used in wider areas. But the more functions make the installation become more complicated and there are more circuits, and it will cost several weeks to install and test the equipment, moreover, the host computer and the terminals must be connected by wires, it makes the whole systems can’t been moved and must be used in a fixed place, there are big limitations. We developed wireless language learning system on this basis, a small movable platform and a 220V power socket or 12V direct power supply for the host computer can start the class, we can conduct classes in the classroom, in the auditorium, on the playground or even in outdoors, it makes the classes more vivid and open, the classed won’t be restricted by the time and place. That's wireless language lab. Now we developed a full functional wireless language lab.  the Model is HL-9000. Many customers are interested in this model for it's special functions.

Advantages: Wireless language learning system is accommodated to classroom teaching, it depends on below advantages
1,It can increase the students’ motivation and enhance the learning effect. Because the wireless language learning system won’t be restricted by the time and place, it is easy to move and take, the students can learn in the relax and pleasure atmosphere.
2,The teachers can adjust the teaching method in time to achieve the best teaching condition with the help of the special function of the language learning system.
3,The teachers can control the students learning schedule. Teachers can use the software system to analyze the academic records to know the students’ studying status.
4,To establish the listening, reading, speaking and exam circumstance for students, make the students learn foreign language pronunciation and dialog to achieve the language learning purpose.

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