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No.24 Middle School of Qingdao
  No.24 Middle School of Qingdao was built in 1957. It is one of the earliest City-level Standardized Schools in Qingdao. In 2005, our school was made a key construction school of the first batch in Qingdao. The school was named Experimental Junior High in Qingdao of East China Normal University on May 23rd, 2008. In the same year, the government of Shinan District invested nearly 20,000,000 yuan to renew the school buildings. Based on the resources of East China Normal University, the school has carried on “Promoting Research by Reading” and “Three Stars” projects. The teaching quality and social reputation have been greatly improved. With beautiful environment, a highly competitive faculty, modernized and standardized equipments, it has become a bright pearl among the middle schools in the west of Shinan District. These years, our school has been awarded the titles of Model School Run by Law of Shandong Province, Model School of the Standardized Language of Shandong Province, Recommended School of Qingdao, Green School of Qingdao and so on. In the evaluation and supervision of the teaching conditions among middle schools, the school has reached the exceptional level for many times.

  The school covers 16517 ㎡. Now there are two teaching buildings and two integrated office buildings with the construction area of 12664 ㎡, containing 14 multi-function classrooms, such as a laboratory, a computer lab, a digital language lab, a library, a multi-function dancing hall, a lecture hall, a history and geography classroom, a calligraphy classroom, a multimedia classroom and so on. The lecture hall and multi-function dancing hall cover about 500 ㎡. We have a 200-meter plastic track, three basketball courts, two volleyball courts, a geographic park and an ecological park which covers 830 ㎡, in which we plan to have ten kinds of animals and plants. This will become the activity base of quality-oriented education. The school cafeteria, which is invested about one million yuan, provides clean and delicious meals for teachers and students. All the school equipments are highly deployed according to the standards of modernized schools in Qingdao, which provide the best environment for teachers and students.

  There are three grades in our school with 10 classes in each grade. We have a staff of 111 who are with high morality and exquisite abilities. With the teachers’excellent service, we have won high approval of the guardians and we have laid solid foundation of our development.

  We have made To improve both the teachers and the students’abilities; To initiate independent development our ideal and Honesty,the basement of morality;Diligence,the secret of success our motto. With Harmonious competition and persevering diligence our school spirit, we have got our school teaching spirit. We advocate Simplicity,diligence,strong resolution to success at school.

  The whole staff are with full warmth to the construction of our school’s characteristics, we focus on the reform of teaching and the quality of school course. With the unceasing improvement of the teaching staff, we have got more and more highly social prestige year by year and we have initially realized the fast development of our school.

  We have set To face all the students,to teach comprehensively, to make our school one of the most outstanding schools in Qingdao, to make statisfactory school as our goal.

  We make Good faith education our brand,and we also make the theme activity as our carrier.We make students’independent,healthy improvement our most important aim,and we emphasize students’improvement of various aspects. We develop students’learning and behavior habits thoroughly,eg,taking notes, saying hello to people you meet,to pick up slips of paper.

  Simultaneously, we value students’ personalized improvement. On investigative study, computer technology,music, art, PE, and others, we have got richly colorful curriculum which enables students’overall enhancement.

  With 54-year growth, a half century’diligence, we make To be excellent teachers, to raise successful students, to construct harmonious school our goal, and we are always here to make our school the most well-known schools in Qingdao.

2nd Floor,Block D,Xinsheng Industrial Park,Xintang Avenue,Tianhe District,Guangzhou,China. Tel:0086-20-85571786 FAX:0086-20-85578797 e-mail: 

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