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3D Printer Configuration


3D Printer Configuration

The following is the standard configuration of 3D printer (TDP-200A)
TDP-200A 3D Printer
 3D printing technology: TDP200A desktop three-dimensional printer is base on the Rapid Prototyping Equipment of FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)/Thermoplastic extrusion technology
3D printer can print all kinds of complicated physical model when it’s connected to a laptop computer with an USB cable.
 Dimension(W*D*H): 520mm(W)x 390mm (D)x 425mm(H)
 Weight:
 Printing range: 200mm(W)x150mm(D)x100mm(H)
 Printing Consumables:
 diameter :1.75mm,  weight:1kg
 Printing speed: the printing speed is 60mm/s, It can form a 12cm3solid object
 Printing Accuracy: Min printing object is 0.4mm ,setting accuracy is 0.05mm, each layer thickness is 0.29mm
 Data interface: high-speed USB2.0
 Power: 12V/2500W ,mains switch
 Numbers of motor: 5 pieces

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