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Language laboratory

Language LAB, along with the rapid development of the computer multi-media technology, and in view of the multimedia technology in the teaching application is the strong function of metaphor, and modern education system have recognized teaching equipment. Phonetics teaching is the Chinese pinyin and English teaching of modern teaching means one, with the new development of science and technology, the Language laboratory (Language LAB) in the field in recent years to also had many breakthrough, digital Language lab is the representative of the new products, gradually for the masses of users attention. Many, many users are very much concerned about, what is the digital language lab? The digital language laboratory and the traditional language lab have what difference?

Below I will introduce the multimedia sound lab and digital sound lab.

The digital language laboratory is built on the basis of network information exchange, will pass the A/D conversion of speech material or audio after the data file, through the standard network protocol, transfer to the user terminals, network and terminal between the relay to accord with A standard to the command of the network protocol the form of data reflect, reached the language learning of the good quality, meet the needs of teaching diversity, A sufficient and reasonable utilization of resources and A new language lab.

The digital language laboratory is the inevitable result of the technical development of the network, it represents a kind of technology development trend. We used to contact the language laboratory are based on simulation of signal system, just like we used the application the cassette recorder analog phones, etc. Long-term since, simulation models of the products for our life provide the service, but with the development of The Times and the function of the simulation products no longer meets the needs of the changing society. The language laboratory as an example, the traditional language laboratory had poor stability of the system, and the sound quality is not ideal, most for mono, system function of a single, interactive teaching poor, all the traditional language lab in class only after idle, without any use of space.

In recent years, along with the network popularization and application of the campus network resources are rich and colorful, traditional language laboratory can not meet the teaching application more demand, how to play the language laboratory teaching effect, how to make the network teaching resources can be used in language teaching, how to make the language lab and campus network is linked together, seamless connection?

Only one answer, is to realize the digital language lab. And because the technology development, especially the development of network technology make this request to become a reality, multimedia network language lab is this kind of product representative.

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