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language lab
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language lab is a secure interactive teaching

 language lab is a secure interactive teaching , designed to encourage regular practice for language learners. Teachers can create, set and assess tasks for their students to perform and submit online. Features include ...

  • speaking and listening exercises with audio and video
  • traditional essay questions and quizzes
  • automatically marked comprehension and written exercises

Teachers can also

  • control students' screens
  • use the conferencing facility to call students
  • monitor students as they complete work
  • give help and feedback online

Students' work is stored in portfolios. Marks, grades and progress are recorded in a downloadable markbook. Teachers may design resources, choose from a variety included with the service, or convert existing worksheets.

Schoolshape's software is already being used by over 600 schools in the UK and worldwide.  Both free and paid for versions are available.


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