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language lab
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About language lab
    The language lab is an audio or audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching. They can be found, amongst other places, in schools universities and academies. In the past, the language lab has very limited function, they were tape based systems using cassette.

    With the development of technology, Current installations are generally multimedia computers. The original language labs are now very outdated. They allowed a teacher to listen to and manage student audio via a hard-wired analogue tape deck based systems with 'sound booths' in fixed locations.

    Although various of the language lab appears in our country, all the language lab products must has a national standard.

The following is some features in common

※Teaching function
Multimedia class   Multi channel program    IP phone
Chime in         Broadcasting teaching     Question on class
Demonstration    Talk individually          Monitor
   Simultaneous interpretation Hand up     Teaching material optional     

※Practice function
AOD   COD     group teaching        group discussion
 Examination function
Paper test      Listening test    Question database  Answers stat.
Auto scoring     Score stat.       Answers display

※Management function
Register class      Student database       Add/delete record 
Multi class control  Name display          Test question edit
Program edit      program control        Roll call
Multimedia teaching material edit

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