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New main control machine
29 Feb 2012

Recently, we have improved the main control machine to avoid much trouble when customers install the language lab system.

In the past, the main control is connected to teacher’s computer COM port with a COM cable. Problem is, now more and more computers have no COM port, so they must find an USB convert. It can connect the USB port of the teacher PC. But most of foreign customers don’t know about the USB convert. Therefore, troubles follow close on another. It’s very difficult to support installation when they encounter any problem because of the long distance. language lab

Now our engineer develops a new main control machine. In the future, all of the main control machine will be connected with a common network cable. Customers only install the software to the teacher computer, it’s easy to install and operate. Every client, please download the software from our website. You can contact our sales to get the password.

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