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language lab
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analog language laboratory 5160
Seat quantity max to 120 seats,with computer and mobile keyboard connection jack,which is available to realize dual control to system,available to choose one audio channel to output.The whole system works under the control of the main console.
Remark:HL-4000 is not built-in amplifier,that means if need to connect to external speaker,the speaker should have amplifier.HL-4000C is built-in amplifier,which is no request additional amplifier for speaker.
2)System Power supplier HL-AA
Output voltage:+12V,current:22A/40A
Output power:400W
3)Micro-computer mobile keyboard HL-4100(right pic.)
Available to take place of the teacher computer to control the system,also available to work together with the teacher computer to realize dual control to the system,so that the system still can work when teacher computer meet some problem(max seats is 150)
4)Teacher main recorder
Film button,speed adjustment、gap play、mutual recording between two main recorder,all functions of normal recorder.Self-detection on malfunction.
5)Teacher desk
High density anti-fire material ,including one main desk and one side counter .dimension1800MM*800MM
6)Student/Teacher headset
Magnetic shield,stereo headset
7)Student parts(AA type)
Economic type HL-5160
Two channel program for option.Rob to answer, LCD display, several test function, 4 level of volume.with USB socket, can play MP3 file, With record function
8) Student desk
wood structure,High density anti-fire material,dimension:1400MM*480MM

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