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·3d printing pen manufacturer
RP800A The Slim Design 3d Printing Pen With Screen V4
Key points:

1.Can be driven by power bank, no need connect to AC/DC adapter
2.Double click loading/unloading button to filling and remove filament automatically
3.OLED screen, which can display company information, temperature, speed and material
4.OSD language: multi-language customized
5.Super slim design
1.Voltage: 5V 2A (available for power bank)
2.Power supplier: AC/DC adapter or power bank
3.Screen: OLED screen
4.Pen Material: plastic
5.Nozzle: 0.6mm diameter ceramic
6.Printing material: 1.5~1.75mm ABS/PLA Filament
7.Print range: unlimited
8.Moulding speed: adjustable
9.Temperature: 130-240 adjustable
10.Input voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
11.Color: blue/purple/yellow/white
12.Pen size: 180*20*20mm
13.Pen net weight: 45g
14.Packing box: 205*132*72mm, GW 0.4kg
15.Carton box: 530*425*370mm, GW17kg
16.Qty: 40pcs/ carton

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