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language lab
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E-learning laboratory is a great innovational improvement of the language leaning laboratory system.
E-learning laboratory don't need any extra equipment except computer and software. We just air mail you the software (softdog). It saves much more shipping and delivery time.
E-learning laboratory don't need any extra equipment except computer and headset. Just set up this software in each computer, then it can realize powerful network language learning function. A modern multimedia language laboratory comes out.

Features and main functions:
a. Language laboratory: realize all the functions of traditional speech classroom, such as broadcasting teaching, dialogue, Exam quiz and spoken test, Self study, group discuss , E-Responder, Class management demonstration, monitoring, simultaneous interpretation, video on demand, support free group discussing, class divided teaching, record etc. It can monitor students’ PC or remote control student’s PC. All required control functions and class management can be easily accessed by our humanity software. all functions can be used easily and flexibly.
b. Multimedia Network classroom: students can watch programs in DVD, tape recorders, Showcase, and other multimedia equipment directly through their own computer screen synchronously, server or watching programs, and theater-multimedia teaching effect, implement the theater-multimedia teaching results.
c. Examination Center: support text exam (radio choice, multi-choice, fill in the blank, essay), AB paper exam and oral exam.
d. After-sale guarantee: Any defect after verified, the full responsibility of the company is to return the software carrier. The copyright of this system and the document are protected by national copyright raw and international treaty clause.

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