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XDJ-300,The whole design accord with man-computer function, suitable for long time operation and use. Mainly used for identifying and analyzing materials internal organization, it is an important tool for study materials, Applicable to industrial and mining enterprises, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions do metallographic, lithofacies, crystal materials internal organization observation analysis and mechanical state detection


 Basic Parameters:


2)Eyepieces tube:Push-pull trinocular head,inclined at 30 degree.,interpupillary 55-75mm.

3)Eyepieces:Wide field WF10X/18mm, WF12.5X15mm

4)Objectives:Special use metallurgical objectives, flat-field achromatic objective lens 4X ,10X ,40X ,100X(oil)

5)Changer: quadripuntal

6)Working stage:Double layer mechanical move stage,(Size:130x130mm,Movingrange:50x30mm)

7)Focus system:Coaxial coarse /fine focus system,with tensional adjustable by hands ,coarse focus:26mm,fine focus:0.002mm

8)Condenser:NA1.25 abbe condenser with iris diaphragm,condenser center adjustable

9)Illumination:Halogen Lamp,6V/20W,brightness adjustable


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