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 HL-2160 digital student machine operation instruction

 “1”:bookmark button,When playing,Press it to insert a bookmark in the corresponding point ,the maximal bookmarks are 9. Press “1”button can set starting point before play again.
 UP、DOWN:; turn over questions ahead or back under free exam.
 SP: intermission function button. It will have break when play to the place with a bookmark.
 MEM :memory. When the student machine playing,press it to set a memory point. Press stop button, then press REW or FFW button, it will get to the memory point automatically.
 PROG:choose the multi programm channels
 VOL:adjust the volume
 A B:cycle button,when playing,press it to set the starting as “A”,after some time,press it again to set the finish as “B”,then it will cycle between A and B,press it again to cancel the set.
 CALL:call.
 T/S:shift between teacher and student,under”T”,it record teacher’s program,under S,record student’s speech,under T+S,record the teacher programm and student’s speech at the same time.
 The rest 5 buttons is record,play/pause,fast reverse,fast forward,stop
 “A、B、C、D、E”is used together with T/S, record, play, fast revese and fast forward to choose answer under the exam.
 ”/”is used together with stop button to reset the counter

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