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language lab
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Student machine function introduction and features

1.Digital design,DSP technology
2.Student can select study material,control play,stop,fast forward,fast reverse by themselves。
3.Rich ,complete language,use MP3 audio format。
4.super digital recording,which can last more than 1 hour,and all save in teacher’s PC hard disc。
5.Student machine equipped with standard keyboard,which can key Chinese,English.
6.5 inches LCD screen, which can display 300 English letters,150 Chinese words.
7.Supply power together, which ensure the safety
8.Order the audio freely
9.Student machine support MP3,WAV,stereo file,whose audio quality similar as CD
10.Available to connected to standard keyboard, which ensure to fullfil text test,elctronic dictionary operation
11.Compatible to out recording,which solve the problem that digital LLS can use the recorded data only in the LLS classroom
12.The backlight of student machine can be powered on or off freely.and the system can set the backlight to power-save condition.
13.Button is use the same latex as mobile phone button ,which enhance the reliability, and make the life 10 times longer。
14.novelty constructure design,excellent heat and noise features。

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