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HL-4800A Multimedia language learning system, which adopts advanced digital and
network technology, the system's hardware kernel adopts international standard, so
the system has excellent advantage and stability.HL-4800A model digital language
learning system not only contains the main function of traditional analogue learning
system, but also avoids the audio-serial disturb problems and the frequent mechanical
failure. Further more, HL-4800A is with powerful examination and test paper edition function.

Features and main functions
1) Broadcast teaching function
2) Teacher lecture
3) Teacher ask question
4) Dialogue individually
5) Students raise hand
6) Outside media play
7) Student's demonstration
8) Grouping teaching function
9) Group meeting
10) Teacher monitor
11) Teacher explain
12) Standardization exam function
13) Listening exam
14) Random exam
15) Powerful A/B paper exam
16) Powerful Oral exam
17) Exam analysis
18) Self-study function
19) Audio order
20) Text order
21) Repeat
22) Exam by oneself
23) Consult dictionary

24)class name edit

25)student name edit


27)Student management system

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